Services Offered

A page is considered 250 words.

Time enough for everything, and everything in its time.

Coaching Sessions US$12.00 per 30 minutes

While most postgraduate students would choose or be assigned a mentor/promoter/supervisor by the institution or department with which they are registered, it is also true that most mentors/promoters/supervisors are on a publish or perish train and may not be available when you most need them.

Coaching sessions can be organized at any point during the process of designing and writing up your research. The focus is on helping you distil your thinking about your topic and developing strategies that will allow you to overcome hurdles in the process, for example, formulating a researchable question, developing a statement of the problem and purpose based on that research question, and conducting the literature review and writing it up, as well as factors that need to be considered in developing your research design, optimal organization of the report, and integration of feedback.

Content Edit US$ 9.00 per page

The focus is on the flow and coherence of the content, transitions between sections, and anomalies and gaps that need to be addressed. It includes a light edit of of the text submitted and the opportunity to attend to the anomalies and gaps and then resubmission for a copy edit, which includes a references cross-check, formatting, and a final proofread of the sections you have worked on after the copy edit.

Copy Edit US$ 5.00 per page

The focus in on the flow of the language, in other words elegant sentence structure, correct grammar, precise word choices, and correct spelling. It includes resubmission for a references cross-check, formatting, and a final proofread of the sections you have worked on after the copy edit.

Proofread US$ 3.00 per page

The focus is on sentence structure, punctuation and spelling errors for the entire document. It does not include a References cross check or formatting of the document.

References cross check US$ 0.50 per reference entry

The references cross check ensures that all cited works are listed and all listed works are cited in the style your institution requires.

Formatting US$ 1.00 per page

The focus is making sure the text is presented as per the presentation standards of the institution, department, or journal to which you are submitting (font, spacing, paragraph breaks, figures, tables, headings) and the service includes a linked Table of Contents, List of Tables, and List of Figures if required.

All language changes to the text are tracked to ensure that you can accept and/or reject the editing and maintain control over the final product submitted. Ultimately, the document you submit must reflect your voice.