to Academic Editing Excellence

So here you are

about to launch into a postgraduate journey and wondering what to say to be awarded a place at the college or university of your choice.

Or, you have jumped through that first hoop and are busy with the journey, but now have to propose a thesis to defend in writing. Where do you start?

Or, you have proposed your thesis and formulated a research question but are unsure about how you might answer that question. What literature should you include to create a conceptual foundation for answering your questions? What methodologies are appropriate for answering your question?

Michelle L. Crowley, PhD, is qualified to help and can add value at any point in your postgraduate journey:

  • As a perpetual learner and past researcher, academic, and postgraduate degree supervisor/mentor, Michelle understands what motivates the pursuit of knowledge.
  • As a past-practicing psychologist, Michelle is adept at helping people distill and give voice to their thinking eloquently and authentically.
  • As an accomplished editor, Michelle can fix sentence structures, grammar errors and less than precise word choices so that you showcase your thinking and contribution to your field in your own voice with excellence and elegance.

Perhaps most important, Michelle knows what kinds of questions your evaluators might ask and help you cover your bases.


Organize a Coaching Session

Make use of her Editing Expertise

Learn about strategies to

It All Begins with a Research Question

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