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A Journey through the Contesting Discourses of Awakening Consciousness
25 August 2014

When the first Malaysian plane went down, there was speculation that the plane had been hidden by a new weapon of war, a technology that could warp light to hide objects and make them invisible to radar [The Week, June 11, 2014]. At that point, I realized that I could not even believe what I cannot see anymore, never mind not believe what I do see.
        The irony of a post-millennium existence is that despite the information age, most knowledge of the world is second-hand footage and hearsay gained via media channels. By virtue of that dependence, we can be jerked around into thinking that global warming, for example, is more or less of a threat than it is. Or that Fukushima does not matter. Social media might try to challenge mass media control, but at the same time, Facebook users are being used as guinea pigs by a bunch of psychologists with ideas about new ways to jerk humanity around, testing their hypothesis so that they can report to their masters.
        An article I read in In5d Metaphysical and Spiritual Database suggests that our DNA structures are being jerked around by even more sinister means, like HARP, chemtrails and their contents. Now I must doubt not only what I do and do not see, but all my human senses. Forgive me if I feel confused, but everything I think, see, feel, and believe is now an unreliable source for figuring out what is really going on.
        Whether it is true that the Reptilians are responsible for creating this confusion is immaterial to me.  What does matter to me is how I might maintain some shred of integrity as I negotiate my way through all the smoke and mirrors, tricks and lies, delusions and illusions that comprise life on earth right now. I'd like to surf this cosmic way without being dumped.
        In the following months, I am going to be sharing some ideas about how one maintains one's balance through the chaos of contesting discourses in awakening consciousness, or not. There are no guarantees on this journey. Your're invited to join me on the Blog Box to offer your two cents worth via the Comment Box on https://www.facebook.com/theblogbox 
The Fukushima Foul Up
29 August 2014

Fukushima has become a serious foul-up, folks, a very serious foul-up, a foul-up of epic proportions. There is no other way to say it. An article in Natural News (8 August 2014) suggests scientists that scientists who support the status quo have their heads up their rear ends when they claim that they cannot understand why sea animals are washing up dead on the West Coast of North America. Duh! Fukushima is gushing thousands of tons of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean at the same time as Reactor 3 is now boring a hole through the earth's crust.
        An August update of a report by the
World Nuclear Association suggests I have got it wrong and am over-reacting. I would love to believe those whose agenda it is to promote splitting the atom as solution to the energy crisis, but short of inviting in aliens to feed off the radioactive water spilling into the Pacific Ocean on a daily basis, if such aliens exist in the universe, we are sitting between a rock and a hard place. A technology that can transmute radiation and/or transplanting human consciousness into computers and relocating that consciousness to the Cloud are not currently options.  I suspect those born now are probably the third to last generation of human beings who will ever exist on Earth, at least in organic form.
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        So whether the sea rises or not, we clean up our garbage or not, or we save more trees or not is seemingly immaterial. In fact, we can use up everything with gay abandon because TEPCO has finally admitted (Fukushima Meltdown Worse than Previous Estimates: TEPCO) that the rods in Reactor 3 may be impossible to remove. In short, the Tsunami at Fukushima sounds like the death knell for organic life on earth for a very, very long time.  While Chernobyl could be contained by casting the whole operation in concrete, albeit with the sacrifice of some 5,000 soldiers, the same cannot be done at Fukushima. When John of the Revelation saw a third of the seas destroyed, he was not joking. It's a bleak picture.

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