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While some institutions insist on an oral defense of your ideas, the document you defend and present must stand alone because most interested parties will only ever access the document that resulted in your degree being awarded. It makes sense, therefore, that your document be clear, coherent, and complete. 

Diswhizz.com offers two kinds of edits:
  • A DEEP EDIT involves two readings: the first reading is focused on higher order issues, like identifying gaps, illogical arguments, and contradictions in the theoretical and methodological frameworks and the interpretation of the findings. After you have revised your work on the basis of the first reading, the second reading is a COPY EDIT.
  • A COPY EDIT involves one reading that is focused on language and style issues and includes cross-checking citations against references and formatting the document with a linked Table of Contents. 

The editing techniques used allow you to consider the changes and accept or reject them in terms of what you believe is in your best interests, so what you present always remains your best effort in
your best voice.
There are no hidden costs. Because you pay per double-spaced A4 Times Roman 12-point page of text, or the equivalent; you do not pay if I decide to daydream about a possibility presented.
When disswhizz.com undertakes to edit your document, the turnaround time is  10 pages per day (with a minimum of 48 hours per document) after proof of payment. That means you can plan your deadlines well ahead of time.
DEEP EDIT                                                COPY EDIT
R30,00/page                                                                  R18,00/page

A page is an A4-sized, double-spaced, Times Roman 12-point font or the equivalent.
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Editing Service

Once you made your best effort to present your ideas, it makes good sense to have a professional cast an objective eye over your efforts and ensure that what you submit for evaluation is an example of excellence.

The truth is the merit of your efforts will be assessed on how you present your ideas: the coherence of your theoretical and methodological framework, the eloquence of your expression in the English language, and the clarity of your presentation. It makes sense, therefore, to have your work professionally edited.
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