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The services offered by disswhizz.com are the product of over 30 years of experience. The proprietor, Michelle, started out as an undergraduate in 1979, writing her papers in long hand. Four years later, she banged out an honors project on a manual typewriter. [1]
        Between 1983 and 1989, Michelle, conducted socially relevant survey research for a major corporation, coming to understand the pragmatic aspects of research. [2] At the same time, she read a research master's using more qualitative methods to explore her topic.
        After the emergence of PCs, Michelle returned to her alma mater to teach methodology and critical social psychology. She further refined her sensitivity to how consciousness is constructed by reading, registering, and practicing as a clinical psychologist.
        Her doctoral degree, awarded in 2001, questioned how we know what we know consciously and explored the manner in which dreaming informs and is informed by socially constructed ideas.  The passage proved life transforming. [3]
As Dr. Michelle L. Crowley, Michelle's passion for and ability to facilitate the eloquent and precise expression of knowledge in language, and more specifically English, has been contracted by various institutions. [4] In the course of the last six years, Michelle facilitated Asian and Middle Eastern students to express themselves in English without giving up their roots. She has also sat in front of a screen reviewing and editing some 600 dissertation and journal submissions, as well as academic papers (too many to count, sometimes 70 per week) from countries as far apart as Australia and Peru. [5]
The services offered by disswhiss.com are a product of all this experience.
[1]        It was a phenomenological explication of the difference between boredom and creativity, and I spelled perceive wrong every single time; it involved the tedious and frustrating process of lining up the pages, using many bottles of Tippex (a very messy business), and wasting a great deal of time while on a deadline.
[2]         Questionnaires are a quick and cheap means for gathering data, but the questions and structure can be tricky; generalizing based on the findings can be even trickier.
[3]                The aim of a doctoral degree is not only the piece of paper that may open doors to a new world, but also to question all of one's assumptions and knowledge about one's topic. Expect to be transformed by the passage you take with a doctorate.
[4]        The Writing Centre at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Municipal University and Language Online, which has had contracts with  the University of Phoenix, Arizona and Ashford University, USA, as well as other online educational institutions have made use of my services.
[5]        Fortunately, I am an ethical person, so none of the material I have reviewed or edited is for sale and all but the last week's work is stored on a separate and detachable hard drive, so hackers would be wasting their time. What you submit will be treated with the same level of respect and confidence.

Besides exercising my passion for the eloquent expression of ideas in the English language as an editor and writer, I spend my time rehabilitating horses and contemplating the expansion of human consciousness
  [Michelle, the Writer ]
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