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Longer academic documents come with different names:
Theses involve propositions or positions that are substantiated by argument or empirical research that could be gathered by qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods;
Treatises are systematic, written expositions and arguments involving methodical discussion about the principles involved and conclusions reached about a topic;
Research projects require applying qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods to gather empirical information about a topic; and
Dissertations are the extended, written treatment of a topic. The latter is the most general category, because theses, treatises, and research projects are all dissertations: Extended, systematic discussions about topics.

It is a good idea to be clear about what is expected at each academic level.
In general

Honour's projects involve integrating theoretical concepts
Master's theses/treatises involve applying concepts to collected data
Doctoral studies involve the creation of new constructs based on an analysis of data collected and presented

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Academic Ghost Writers
24 December 2015

In recent months, a great deal of debate has been generated around the extent to which students using ghost writers could be considered cheats. Whether using a ghost writer is cheating or not ultimately depends on how one envisions the purpose of education. I believe the trend is a product of education being turned into a commodity.
        First, rather than pursuing a doctoral degree in order to expand knowledge, students are now chasing piece of paper that promises a bigger salary. Education has become a means to material wealth rather than the means to expand human consciousness. Second, with the rise of for-profit institutions granting doctoral degrees, education is driven by a profit rather than service motive. That means many for-profit institutions are accepting doctoral candidates that are neither ready nor able to expand their own or others  consciousness. The result is that standards are being lowered to accommodate such students.
        The pressure to stay ahead of the pack has led some students to employ ghost writers. While it is true that there is a fine line between ghost writing and editing, editors work with what is presented rather than generate information for students. As an editor who was once an academic, it is very evident when a student has used a ghost writer because the ghost writers employed are not academics. Academics are schooled to think and write in a very particular way. Nothing is set down in writing without referring to the work of credible colleagues because academia is about building a knowledge base. The ghost writers employed by students might be very good at collating information, but they fail miserably with respect to evaluating the credibility of the sources cited and even more miserably in their attempts to construct a coherent argument. It is easy for an academic editor, reviewer, or evaluator to recognise that a work has been pieced together with bits of information from badly referenced blogs on not so credible websites.
        So is employing a ghost write cheating? In terms of business ethics, probably not: The emphasis in business is on jumping through bureaucratic hoops and outsourcing is a best practice. If education is envisioned as a means for expanding human consciousness, however, rehashing information that anyone can google rather defeats the point of becoming educated. Sad how money corrupts everything it touches.

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